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Body Butter
Scalp Revitalizer (1oz)
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Deep hydrating, full of vitamins A,E,F that repairs skin cells for long lasting silky smooth skin. It's been proven to treat eczema, dry skin, acne & psoriasis. We carry 4 scents including unscented. When placing your order please specify your desired scent. If a scent is not selected then Sweet Orange will be shipped. Enjoy!
                         - Sweet Orange
                         - Lemon Grass
                         - Lavender
                         - Unscented
Reg. Price  $25.00 (4oz) Jar
Sale Price: $15.00 (4oz) Jar
This is an All- Natural serum with 100% essential oils in a sunflower oil base to penetrate, nourish and stimulate your scalp and follicles for healthier growth and healthier scalp.
Reg. Price $15.00
Sale Price $12.00

Moisturizing Oatmeal, Milk & Shea Butter Soap 
Our All- Natural soaps are superior to store bought soaps with harmful detergents and synthetic chemicals that dry your skin and aggravate skin conditions. Our All-  Natural soaps have healing properties of coconut oil, shea butter, palm, safflower, vegatable glycerine, goat's 
milk, oatmeal, essential oils

Four (4oz) Bars  Sweet Orange Scent                                          
Deep Cleansing Herbal Wash 8oz
Our herbal wash is an organic wash great for all skin types. Our cleanser are good for the following: Body wash,Hair Shampoo, Acne problems, Facial Cleanser, Skin Rashes, Shaving Soap, Bump Reducer, Athletics Feet & much more. Our Deep Herbal Cleanser contains.. organic ghana black soap, tulsi herb, aritha, wheat grass, neem, botanical & essential oils.
Reg. Price $15.00  
Sale Price $10.00 (8 oz Btl)
Love My Skin Pack
        CLEANSE, EXFOLIATE, MOISTURIZE              This is the only skin regiment you need for smooth glowing skin. This skin pack comes with a 4oz Deep Cleanse Herbal Wash, 4oz Brown Sugar Scrub, and a 4oz Intensive Healing Body Butter. Cleanse, Exfoliate, Moisturize..Naturally. Great for treating Eczema and severe dry skin.

SALE $25.00
Reg. Price $15.00
Sale Price $12.00